Our new winery, constructed of wood using bio-architectural techniques and local workers, was conceived as a space where the relationship between the countryside and man could be nurtured. The building process was thoroughly implemented with techniques and materials aimed at environmental sustainability. It produces solar energy and recovered rainwater is used to irrigate the orchard in front of the cellar. The architecture is camouflaged and earthy, predominantly of solid wood and raw brushed iron. A veil of green-copper roof emerges from the terrace, reflecting the image of the great native Stone pine trees, recaptured in our company logo. A fusion of wine and wood, united with ancient memories.


In the basement there is the production area, with steel fermenting vats and tanks connected to temperature control systems. The barrel cellar is in a special, insulated space where the wine is aged before bottling. In the wine shop area we keep a preserve of our various vintages products. The ground floor space, instead, serves a number of functions, including a customer reception area–an integral part of our business–and management services


Our harvest is carried out by hand in small crates and quantities, in respect of the plants and of the season, so as to collect only the ripest grapes, chosen with particular regard to their state of health. The goal of a wine production that focuses on quality is to start from grapes that are in perfect condition for both ripeness and for cleaning.


The processing starts with the pressing of the grapes followed by the fermentation of the must in stainless steel tanks, kept at a controlled temperature through modern technologies. The first part of the aging process takes place; then, while in steel storage tanks in the barrel room, we continue with the refining and aging of different vintages and quality. Before reaching stabilization in the apposite tanks and being bottled, the wine is subjected to constant monitoring and analysis in order to ensure the best and most secure quality product.