Our family always felt a calling to make wine, and our first wine-making experience was born in the early nineties. Today our dream has been realized in our new, modern and innovative wine cellar–tended to with the same love and passion as our work, our vineyards, and our land.


In 1914, our grandfather Luigi left for the United States from the port of Naples on the ship, “Palermo.” He arrived in New York City, moved on to Boston and finally settled in Chelsea. A century later we have realized our family’s dream of a winery on the land he purchased with the fruits of his labor, and with much affection and gratitude we have dedicated our first wine to him, the Celsì.


We are often asked why we only cultivate Aglianico grapes on our vineyards. For us it is a matter of respect, for our land and our family tradition, that has passed from our grandparents to our parents and continues today with the younger generations. The vitality of this volcanic land is where the Aglianico’s true character manifests, and the authentic “Taurasi” is born. One can see in the wines we produce the story of a family committed to respecting the environment and nature, while constantly striving for the highest quality. We work to always enable the traceability of our products, combining the knowledge of tradition with innovation & research.


We are located in the small rural village of Paternopoli, at the center of Taurasi, in the region of Irpinia, where mans’ work in the fields exists in harmony with nature and the seasons. In this land of wolves and bonfires, castles and tarantella, our vineyards flourish in a soft landscape, with peculiarities whose nuances we wish to preserve in our wines. The territory is rich in ancient traditions, and places to visit, from the Gesualdo Castle and Abbey of Goleto, to passing through the Mefite as penned by Virgil in Aneid, and the sampling of delightful local products–a true countryside of flavors amongst which are those of the Aprilatico broccoli of Paternopoli.